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Giancario (John) & Dina Petraroia

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About John

John Petraroia is a licensed Realtor in Connecticut and real estate broker and co-owner of Property Partners Real Estate LLC. He lives in Thomaston with his wife, Dina, and their dog, Sofi.

He was born “Giancarlo Petraroia,” but you can call him John. Everyone does.

    John is all about getting things done, and done correctly and with order, but also with a smile and a kind word. He’s been all about putting things into order and motion his whole life: whether playing lead guitar in a rock band, organizing his notes and skill into music, or in his previous career in computer technology, where he provided solutions and support across the state after graduating from Porter and Chester Institute.


    Founding Property Partners Real Estate in 2015 with Dina, John took what he had learned and applied it to his own company: how to create and execute plans, and give his clients the solutions and support they need to find and make the right real estate purchase, or make a successful sale.  

    Those who know and have worked with John appreciate his gentle demeanor and easy smile, but come to rely on his dependability: honesty and punctuality are his watchwords. He brings those ethics to everything he does for his employees and his clients.  


    John likes to collect old coins; he finds the idea of their journey through time and transactions fascinating, wondering what stories they could tell. There’s something solid and reliable about an old coin; something of value that persists. This is how he sees real estate, too. He understands that his clients are looking for lasting value, and he endeavors to deliver it to them, with every interaction, on time and reliably.


    John covers the gamut of clients from first time home buyers, sellers, to investment owners, multi-family houses, and foreclosure deals. He services Greater Litchfield, Hartford, and New Haven Counties.

Reach John at
Phone: 203-217-8658

About Dina

Dina Petraroia co-owner of Property Partners Real Estate LLC,

alongside her husband John.


    She worked supporting special education in the Thomaston school district for thirteen years before co-founding Property Partners Real Estate. Dina brings those lessons of patience and listening to her job as the Office Manager; assessing the needs and concerns of their clients and PPRE agents.

    She and John work as a team. They support and enhance one another and enjoy thinking about and working for their clients and PPRE agents. When she has time, she loves to cook and bake and enjoys long walks in scenic spots with John and their dog, Sofi-Grace. But even then, they invariably end up talking about ideas for their clients and agents. John and Dina bring that kind of dedication to every deal, purchase and sale.


    Dina’s main role in Property Partners Real Estate is as co-owner and office manager.

Reach Dina at
Phone: 860-482-4440
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